I used to try to include every single person that I talked about on my blog here. This became time consuming and lead to a variety of problems such as this page being long and full of too much information, people have hurt feelings because I forgot to include them and me being horrible at making the formatting here look good. I’ve scaled it back to include the people that I talk about the most, people with whom my relationship might be confusing and people who I refer to by an initial only. Feel free to ask questions regarding who I’m talking about when I refer to other people in the comments section of each post!


Alex Reynolds: That’s me! I’m a 31 year old spanko bottom living in Los Angeles. I’m a polyamorous, atheist geek. I like cute things, learning and domesticity. I was born in Upstate New York and was raised primarily in New Jersey. I currently work full time as a spanking, fetish and nude model, which is a lifestyle that allows me to travel, to meet remarkable people and to thoroughly enjoy what I do. In addition to this, I co-run Northern Spanking, Spanked and Diapered, and Kitchen Sink Spanking. I also write spanking romance novels, too! I’m very happy with my life.


Paul Kennedy: Paul is my primary partner: my fiance, my Dominant and my favorite person. We’re more compatible than I’ve ever known two people to be before, and I continue to be surprised and amazed by how well he knows exactly what I need. We recently moved in together, and we’re enjoying building a life together. I’ve never been so happy or felt as loved as I do when I’m with him. Paul and I run Northern Spanking together, and we first met when I was filming for said site.

Raffos/Rafa/R.: R is one of my primary romantic partners. We’ve been dating for nine years (!!!!), and have a wonderful, loving, mutually supportive, extremely sexually charged relationship. He’s an awesome person, but pretty much vanilla (although one of the most successfully poly men I’ve ever known). He’s very kink aware and has attended munches, local events and even parts of national spanking parties with me, since he finds that people in the kink scene are more like to share his views on both polyamory and the world in general! He frequently does camerawork for Northern Spanking.

Z: Z is my vanilla girlfriend, and another of my primary romantic partners. She’s sweet, brilliant, lovable and incredibly sexy. She’s also become very kink aware, and sometimes helps me to come up with scene ideas. She shares my enjoyment of adventures and fun things, knows more about tea than anyone else on earth and makes delicious, delicious food. I love her with all my kitten heart!

Adriana Evans: Adriana is one of my favorite people, although our relationship cannot easily be defined. This is okay with me, because definitions don’t actually add anything to a relationship. I can talk about anything with her, from emotions and feelings to the filthiest and most embarrassing of fantasies. We go on dates and connect physically whenever we’re together. We’re each other’s girl, and it’s a great way to be.




Oh, Hai!


Los Angeles, California, United States

First and foremost, I’m a girl who loves being spanked. It’s at the very center of my being. I’m also a professional spanking model, which means I get to do what I love for my job. I’m twenty six years old, and currently located in Los Angeles when I’m not traveling around on my adventures. My vanilla interests include poetry, film history, academia, Pokemon, indie music, baby animals, baking and cooking, collecting vintage clothes and lots of cuddling.

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