In addition to being a lifestyle player, I am proud to offer spanking sessions as a professional Top, bottom or switch.  I can be reached to arrange these by emailing

Of course, my sessions involve spanking, but beyond that, what happens is tailored to what you desire! Sessions can involve a role-play scenario, with or without costumes. They can involve ageplay, where one of us explores playing at a younger age. Sometimes, you need to be punished for something in your real life, and I’m more than glad to create the real discipline scene that you require. Other times, spanking is more sensual, and done just for the sake of spanking, and that’s okay, too.

However, I don’t offer sexual play of any kind, insertions or body fluid exchange. While as a Top, I am comfortable to play as hard (or as soft) as you wish, as long as it can be done safely, as a bottom I am not able to do very severe scenes without making special arrangements.

If you’ve never spanked or been spanked before, I would love to help make your first experience with this memorable and positive. I am very experienced at both giving someone their first spanking and offering myself up for them to deliver their first one to me, and I will help you to feel comfortable and relaxed. If it’s your first time giving a spanking, I can help give feedback about your technique.I truly enjoy both bottoming and Topping, and because I have spent so much time bottoming, I feel that I am truly able to understand what things feel like and what headspace the person I’m spanking is seeking to be in when I’m the Top. I know just how important spanking is to you and why you need it, and I can give you exactly what you need.

As you can see from watching my videos, I really enjoy roleplaying, and love to do that during sessions. Some scenarios that I particularly enjoy include:

-I’m a school girl who has been misbehaving in class. I’ve been sent to you, the principal, for punishment. It’s so embarrassing to be put over your lap and spanked, but it hurts even more when you bend me over for the paddle!
-I know that you’re so embarrassed to have a new boss who is so much younger than you, but it’s not my problem that you have trouble accepting my authority over you as a young woman. Your attitude has been very bad, so I’m going to have to pull your pants down and spank your bottom, just so you understand that I really am in charge!
-You’re my older cousin, and you caught me stealing from your dad. I’m afraid of being punished by him, especially after you remind me that he has a cane in his office! So, in order to avoid being ratted out, I agree to take a spanking from you. You pull down my panties and put me over your lap, telling me all about how much trouble you got in for stealing in the past while you smack my bottom, hard. But when you’ve finished, I realize that if you were the one who has a history of stealing, it would be so easy to blame you for this! Realizing that I’m right, you have no choice but to accept a spanking from me, too, in order to assure my silence.
-You’re my strict Daddy, and we’ve just moved into a new house. My room is on the bottom floor, and I’ve been sneaking out my window at night to go out with my friends when you’ve told me that is strictly not allowed on school nights. When you catch me in the act, I know I’m in big trouble… especially when you take off your belt!
-I’m not that much older than you, but I’m still your babysitter. If you keep being a brat when I’m supposed to be watching you, I’ll remind you that you’re still just a little boy by spanking you, dressing you in childish pajamas and sending you to bed early, young man!

Of course, you’re welcome to use your imagination and come up with whatever scenario you’d like.

I have a variety of wardrobe for myself, including school uniforms, pajamas, age play clothes, cheerleading uniforms, lingerie, corsets, business attire, nurse’s uniforms, jodhpurs (riding clothes), girl scout uniforms, lolita clothing, vintage styles, a sexy maid look and more. If you’d like me to wear something specific, you’re welcome to buy me items and bring them with you. In most standard American clothes, I wear a size Medium for things that are not tight on the hips and size Large if they are. My dress size is 8. I wear size Medium panties and a 36D bra and size 8 shoes. Please note that the wardrobe I’ve listed above is for me. Because the people I play with come in a variety of sizes, I cannot keep costumes for others on hand and if you’d like to be dressed up as something special, you’ll need to bring your own outfit.

I’m based in the Los Angeles area and can travel around the city and surrounding areas for sessions, or you can visit me at my private, domestic location. My schedule is often quite busy, so I require at least 48 hours notice in order to be able to take sessions. While I can do sessions at any time of day, I need to be able to find room for you on my calendar, so letting me know that you’re interested in a session or that you’re going to be visiting the area earlier rather than later is the best for me.


I travel frequently, and book sessions at all national spanking parties as well as in the other cities that I visit. Depending on my lodging arrangements, sessions may be held in my hotel room, a professional play space or venue, or, in certain situations, at your location. Check the “Where is Alex?” tab for my updated travel schedule.

I offer sessions at an hourly, half day or full day rate. I recommend a two hour session for our first meeting, but one hour is certainly an enjoyable length. That said, my hour rate is for up to one hour of my time. I am unable to offer half hour sessions at a discounted rate.

If you’re interested in having a session with me but I don’t have any plans to visit your area, you can book me for full days and I can come to visit you specifically with if all travel and lodging expenses are covered. In some situations, I am also available as a travel companion. Please message me for more information about these types of situations.

If you are unable to attend a session that you’ve booked, please give me as much advance notice as possible so I can attempt to rebook the date and time that I’ve saved for you. This is especially important when I’m traveling, as I sometimes have to turn others down because I believe that my schedule is full. Please do not book sessions if you don’t feel confident that you will be able to attend them without making this clear to me in advance. I understand that we all have emergencies, changes of schedule, family situations and illnesses and that cancelations sometimes must happen, and I’m often able to reschedule your time, but please don’t take advantage of my understanding. I reserve the right to ask for a non-refundable deposit before a session, request a cancelation fee or refuse to book additional sessions with you in the future after repeated cancelations. Thanks for your understanding.

Depending on my location and everyone’s schedule, I’m often available to book for double sessions, where you get to spank me and one of my wonderful spanking model friends together! This is especially possible at parties or when I’m at home in Los Angeles. Contact me for information about which models I’m available to partner up with! Please be aware that it takes a little bit more time to plan a double session, so keep that in mind when you request this.

Interested in doing a long distance roleplay scenario? Want to hear me tell you stories about my exciting spanking experiences? Have questions about spanking you’d like to ask me face-to-face? Want to watch me self-spank? I’m now available to book for Skype or phone sessions. Now you can enjoy my company no matter where you’re located! Please note that I do require advance notice for skype and phone sessions as well, so I can be at home in private and able to dedicate my time and attention exclusively to you!

Rates for sessions will be discussed when you contact me. Tips are always appreciated, but by no means required. If you’d like to go the extra mile to thank me for my time, I so appreciate gifts from my wishlist, gift cards (especially to Wi Spa, Kabuki, Victoria’s Secret and Sephora) spanking implements (I would particularly like to add a high-quality martinet to my collection) and shoes (size 8). I do not do sessions on a trade or barter basis, however.

Please keep in mind that I am not obligated to have a session with anyone. If I decline your request for a session, please respect my choice and find someone else who can better cater to your individual needs. I reserve the right to choose what activities are and are not acceptable during a session based on my comfort level. Just because you’ve seen me do something in a video does not necessarily mean that I will do it in a session with you. Many films that I’ve done are with people that I know intimately and trust completely, which may lend itself to more physically intimate or more severe play than I’m comfortable doing with others.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, or to set something up! I’d love to play with you!


Oh, Hai!


Los Angeles, California, United States

First and foremost, I’m a girl who loves being spanked. It’s at the very center of my being. I’m also a professional spanking model, which means I get to do what I love for my job. I’m twenty six years old, and currently located in Los Angeles when I’m not traveling around on my adventures. My vanilla interests include poetry, film history, academia, Pokemon, indie music, baby animals, baking and cooking, collecting vintage clothes and lots of cuddling.

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