Note: I wrote this last night, scheduled it, then didn’t like parts of it so I went back and redid them. It’s later than I originally promised because of that. You’ll probably live. 

A few days ago, I finally hit the road again after having spent all of November and December in South Dakota (except for the brief trips that I took to Omaha to fetch and return Heather, but that really doesn’t count). I headed to Denver on Sunday in order to visit Amoni and to shoot with Real Spankings again. I had such a wonderful time when I last shot for them, and I was really looking forward to this second shoot. Betty Blaze is incredibly fun and friendly, and last time we shot, she really put me at ease.

Betty Blaze strapping me during my first RS shoot.

I was especially excited about doing this second shoot because the Top this time was Danny Creighton. I like him a lot. I got to have a very nice, long scene with him when we first met at a Scarlet Moons (a small, local party in Denver) party in October and I was really looking forward to being spanked by him again!

I arrived to my shoot on Tuesday a little bit early (I feel that it’s never a good idea to show up late to something spanking related. Don’t need to give anyone more excuses, right?) and was feeling jittery and excited. When I got there, I found that Betty had a cold and wouldn’t actually be filming any scenes with me that day, which was a little disappointing since we had talked about the prospect of being spanked together, which is always fun. Still, the show must go on, and I was more than capable of taking everyone’s spankings myself. 🙂

Betty Blaze and me. Aren’t we cute?!

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I find it very exciting to be on the set where Real Spankings is filmed. I’ve looked at their content for many years and certainly had more than a few fantasies where I imagine taking the place of one of the girls in the pictures or videos I was watching. There’s really nothing more exciting than actually doing that!

The first scene which we filmed that day was an all hand spanking scene. Really, a nice, long hand spanking is the ideal way to start any work day! The positioning was a little different, as I was bent over a railing at the end of a staircase, so it was kind of close to a standing-up style spanking. That’s not usually my preference, but I liked the impromptu feeling of the location and position. The spanking built perfectly and eased me into the perfect mood while warming me up to take the rest of the spankings I’d be getting that day. I had to remember to act like I wasn’t enjoying it.

Right after that, we filmed our second scene, this one involving a strap. I was asked to select which strap I’d want to be hit with from what was essentially a dresser full of implements. I’m going to go on a tangent for a moment to point out that I think that selecting an implement is one of the hardest things to do, period. Occasionally, Malignus sends me to “go find something for him to hit me with” and I inevitably spend way too long obsessing over making the choice. At home, picking something out to be hit with involves trying to find the perfect balance. If I pick something that isn’t “mean” enough, I’ll feel disappointed if the spanking isn’t as hard as I’d prefer. All my instincts are against picking something “too mean.” I usually end up finding whatever seems like the right middle ground for the situation and then bumping it up one level of meanness, just in case. In this case, though, I had only been spanked with two of the implements in the dresser of doom, and I couldn’t even identify which ones they were at this point. I ended up seeking Betty’s advice, and we selected a strap which she told me she enjoyed being spanked with.

The strapping scene involved me being a little bitch and having an attitude, which is something that I’ve been trying to get more practice with in play and for cinematic value recently (that is, however, something which comes with a big “WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” label for me :P). I think that I pulled it off pretty well. At one point, Danny asked me a question to which I really didn’t have an answer. I tried to come up with some sort of clever line, but kept drawing blanks so instead of waisting time I simply let out the most pathetic whining noise I’ve ever made while giving the best scowl I could muster. This lead to me getting put rather firmly back into positon and spanked quite a bit more, so I suppose it worked out properly. ^_^

After the first two scenes, I went to change and snuck a few phone photos in the bathroom because that’s what I do and who I am: I’m a girl who takes pictures of her ass in bathrooms across the country.

The second two scenes that we filmed were “School Strokes” and “School Swats.” If you don’t already know, these are series that Real Spankings does where they interview girls about their experiences and thoughts regarding both canes and paddles and then give them “traditional” chastisement with the implement in question. I always get a little nervous when being interviewed on camera (I actually opted not to watch my Punishment Profile after the last shoot, because I feel like I always look and sound a bit silly when speaking candidly) but I do think that my blushing while talking about the subject matter at hand was probably cute. Danny interviewed me regarding caning, first, and then showed me three thicknesses of canes. I then got 4 strokes with each. The last cane was a thicker rattan cane than we have at home, and it hit with a level of density and firmness behind each stroke like nothing I’d ever felt from a natural material cane. I will probably need to buy one.

When we were discussing these last two sets, it was up to me whether I wanted to do them with my jeans on or not. For the first one, I decided to do it on the bare because cane lines always look great, and because at this point in my life, it feels kind of unnatural to get spanked over clothing since baring is nearly always a part of my spanking ritual, unless it’s something extremely impromptu or it’s part of a mind-game. Shortly after we finished filming the caning sequence, I went to get changed to do the paddling one. I had originally said that I would take the paddle swats over my jeans, but I changed my mind at the last minute. My butt was sore, sure, but I wasn’t dying. I was really enjoying getting spanked, and I really wanted to feel the spanking I’d be getting that day.

After the interview, when it came time to actually take my jeans down, I felt a little apprehensive about my decision. It’s funny how the closer a spanking gets, the scarier it becomes. But I reminded myself that this was all my choice and I wanted it to be hard and got them down.

It was hard.

I got ten swats with the paddle, and each of them made me rise up on my toes, cry out, and contort my face in pain. After the seventh, I asked for a moment to catch my breath. I took a second to just breathe as Danny gently rubbed my bottom. I felt safe and secure, and relaxed myself again, stuck my bottom back out and took the final three swats. When it was done, I had quite a mix of adrenaline and endorphins and a very sore bottom. That, my friends, is the ideal way to end a work day. 🙂


After we took care of paperwork, I hugged everyone and said my goodbyes, I got picked up and headed back to Amoni’s where we hung out more. My bottom hurt for the rest of the day, and around bedtime I still had some bruising (which is rare and kind of exciting for me ^_^). I went to bed with a sore bottom and woke up with one still in the morning. In fact, as I’m preparing this at bedtime on the second night, I can still sort of feel it. That’s a win in my books.

See my bruise?! See it?!

I can’t wait until these scenes come out so I can be excited about them all over the internet. You probably should be, too!

16 Responses to Second Real Spankings Shoot!

  • Congratulations, Alex! Good to hear that you had so much fun at the shoot. 🙂

  • I can’t wait to see these scenes either. Alex you are becoming one of my favorite models. I think you are cute and drop dead sexy! RS is my favorite site and I also think Betty Blaze is awesome!
    I really enjoyed your first scenes and can’t wait to see you with Danny!

    Poppa Mark

  • have you been spanked by Betty yet i heard she a hard spanker and her spankings hurt I wouldnt know for sure or have first hand experience but sure you would know as those other female models who been spanked by her as well the naughty boys too

    madison ohio
    age 41

    • Yes, she was the Top for the first RS shoot that I did in October. We did four scenes together. There’s a photo from one of those scenes in this post. 🙂 She’s a great Top.

  • I’m not sure if “fun” is the right word, but it sounds like fun! 😉

  • duh i should of know that from first pic in this post iam so dumb lol that would of answer my own question lol bet you were glad when those 4 shoots was over and your butt could recover

    madison ohio

  • Ha. When I went to California to shoot with Clare and Chelsea, I showed up for a shoot with one of them, early (about 20 minutes) and was scolded. Apparently that’s just as rude because they weren’t quite ready for me yet. Set the tone for the entire shoot – and it wasn’t good. I was annoyed the whole time! My “Better early than late, right!” attitude was met with “Or you could just be on time.”

    • That’s probably my least favorite thing in the entire world: when you go out of your way to do something that you think is right and get scolded for it. Ugh.
      In general, I try to not get anywhere more than ten minutes early, but with shoots, that’s what I aim for. It seems to be the happy medium. :/


    This is in regard to this video. The licks that girl received seemed to be over-the-top. I am a veteran of the Vietnam era and to tell you the truth, it pissed me off. I suppose the girl was paid, but I wonder if the amount of force was necessary for one, and two, I wanted to beat the fuck out of the guy who did this. I am sure this is probably COSplay or whatever you call it but it pisses me off that this kind of treatment is acceptable or even ethical. Suffice it to say, you are lucky that I am not this girl’s dad or hary-cary would have ensured.

    One pissed off SSgt.

    • This is possibly the strangest comment I’ve ever gotten.
      First of all, as you would know if you read my blog/post at all, I don’t run Real Spankings, which you seem to think I do. I am a female model who shoots videos in which I get spanked, and this whole blog is dedicated to me talking about how much I enjoy it. White-knighting in to kinkshame about the amount of force is uncalled for, and your military involvement is totally irrelevant to other people’s consensual choices in how they play.

      To address your misguided “concerns”:
      All models on Real Spankings are paid, and the pay is to scale with the severity of the scenes.
      All models consent to each scene, and to shoot in general. I’ve been working with them for years now, and I have never seen anyone be pressured into doing anything they didn’t want to. It’s a very relaxed environment to work in with friendly people who are very kind off camera.
      All models have both a safe-word and a safety signal to use if they want to stop or decrease the severity of a scene for any reason.
      Your opinions of the severity of play in a scene as a viewer don’t actually impact the consent of a scene or its right to exist. I recommend that you watch less intense videos in future, or perhaps stay away from the spanking genre in general.

      Also, obviously all models in porn videos are adults, and there’s no reason for anyone’s dad to be involved, and hara-kari (not “hary-cary”) is a form of Japanese ritual suicide from the feudal era practiced by samurai, so what you’re saying is that you would have killed yourself, which I don’t think is what you intended.

      Fair thee well,
      K thanx, goodbye.

  • Thanks for sharing your site with me, as I have been a Spanko for quite awhile. Often wondered whether any if any of the lovely ladies of Real Spankings might enjoy observing an athletic guy being paddled by another dude? Perhaps even make a video of me bending over! for some swats, while the camera picks up the facial reaction of the observer. Again thanks for sharing, best wishes James.

    • Hi James,
      Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. As far as I know, Real Spankings does not produce Male bottom content anymore, and never produced M/M. Since M/M is not a field I’ve ever worked in for obvious reasons, I can’t give you any advice about sites that might be interested in producing such a film. Thanks for commenting, though!

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