I’ve been on the road and off the internet for about a little over a week now. I came back to discover that today is Love Our Lurkers Day. If you’ve been lurking and reading this fabulous blog and feeling uncomfortable commenting, now is your chance! A very low percentage of people who view the page leave comments, so those who haven’t or don’t regularly are invited to today. I love you!

The time that has passed since my last update has been strange indeed. I spent a few nights finishing all the things that needed doing for my move (with amazing help from Mask of Normality) and on last Friday, I picked up HF and Malignus from the airport. We spent Friday and Saturday nights in a hotel in LA and enjoyed an awesome goodbye party on Friday night. On Sunday, we went to Threshold’s Bizzarre Bazar on our way out of the city. It was chock full of people I’ve really enjoyed in the LA community and I was more than pleased to introduce them to HF and Malignus. From there, we went on to Vegas, where we spent the night and then a very fun-filled 24 hours. On Tuesday, we drove to Salt Lake City, which is where we’ve been since. We’re staying with a friend who has several young children, so there have been few opportunities to steal away long enough to blog: the past three times I’ve tried to make this post,  I’ve had to shut my computer because a small face appeared on the other side asking “What are you doing?!”

I don’t know how the parents out there make it work. I suppose when you’re the parent, the kids are less interested in following you around all the time. Maybe.

There will be longer posts coming up with more stories and some photos from the adventures we’ve been having (although don’t get your hopes up for spanking photos: there aren’t any of those yet.) For now, I wanted to make sure that you didn’t think I’d forgotten you. There are just lots of distractions, things preventing me from getting online, things to do and feelings to deal with. I’m getting there, though. I’ll be in my new home on Sunday and I’ll get to work creating a new “normal” for things to get back to. 🙂

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