You know what the internet doesn’t have enough of on it yet? Pictures of my butt! I’m here to fight against this huge social problem, one post at a time!

Today, I’ve got some photos to share from my shoot with Spanking Court, which you can read about here. In short, it was a totally awesome shoot. 😀
First, here’s me on trial:

Here’s during my first sentence: 100 strokes with a leather strap (those ones that wrapped a lot hurt like a bitch, in case you were wondering.)

Here, I’m getting handcuffed by the lovely Dana Kane

This one is my favorite: The Spanking Court Disciplinarian (The Villain) just broke a full-size paddle on my poor butt!

And finally, here I am with the broken pieces in front of the height chart. This photo points out something very important: I shrank! I used to be a full 5’8″ when barefoot without even having to posture up or anything. 

If I look a little spacey in this photo, it’s because I just had two sets of 100 strokes (per set) with a leather strap, followed by 200 strokes with a (well, really two, because the first one is in pieces) wooden paddle.  
I’ll post a link to the videos once they are uploaded 🙂 I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

10 Responses to Spanking Court Photos!

  • This is awesome. I have so many questions, but I’ll limit myself to two. First, is the modeling arousing? I mean this seriously, not tritely. I like pain and I like masochism, but primarily because someone likes to give it to me. If it was for the purpose of a video, I wonder if I could take as much. Is it more difficult? Maybe you’ve already done a post on this?

    Second, are you ever on

  • Oh, one more question. Does Malignus ever check his blog comments? I mean Publicly. 😉

  • Thanks for sharing the pics! That one with The Villain is funny, the look on his face is saying “Did you REALLY just break my paddle? You’re in for it now!”

  • You were such an excellent Defendant, Alex, thank you again for a fun day of Court.

    – Dana Kane

  • @maui girl: Don’t feel like you have to limit your questions! I really enjoy answering them. If anything requires a really long response, then I get the perfect inspiration for a post 🙂

    To respond to your first question, I don’t find spanking to be sexually arousing (see this post: ) so it doesn’t arouse me. That said, I still enjoy being spanked for videos in the same way that I enjoy a “for fun” spanking. It can give me a kind of strange headspace sometimes when the video has a disciplinary theme and the scolding is harsh: it’s hard for me to not feel like I was really a bad girl in those situations.

    It can be hard to get a fairly severe spanking from someone I’m not close to, but mostly because when it reaches a certain level of intensity (or when I’m dropping afterwards) I start to really miss Malignus (in case anyone doesn’t know, we are long distance for another 20 days.) I think that problem will go away when we’re spending time together on a regular basis.

    Before my first shoot, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take as much without it being a matter of submission to someone I respected. In the end, though, I have my own standards to live up to, so even though there was no *reason* for me to hold position perfectly et cetera, I still felt compelled to. I imagine that if I ever were to get to a tough moment in a shoot where I felt as if I was not in the right headspace to take any more, I’d be able to think of it as “practice” for when I’m in a serious spanking situation.

    That said, I have found that I often do a better job of making videos enjoyable if I protest and struggle a bit instead of behaving the way that I normally would during a spanking, so I’m trying to find a middle ground there.

    I might go ahead and post more details about this later 🙂 It’s a good topic.

    Your second question: As far as I know, there is only one video of me on spanking tube thus far (it’s possible that Lily has uploaded something as a preview, but I don’t think so). It’s this one:

    That’s a preview compilation from my first video. The thing I don’t like about it is that it tends to get marketed in a way that people think it’s a real discipline video, which it isn’t. I don’t think I’d ever do a real life discipline video, but that’s a topic for another day.

    In response to your final question: I’m not sure how often he checks out things on his blog, but I can remind him that he should respond to his comments. 🙂

  • @Lea- Glad you enjoyed them 😀
    @Dana – It was so much fun! I’m so glad I got to meet you! ^_^

  • Outstanding. Can’t wait to see this vid. Glad you were ok after all that.

  • @BV- Yeah, I’m pretty tough 🙂 I will let everyone know when the video is released 🙂

  • How does one become the spanker in things such as this?

    • In my experience, there are two ways: either one knows or gets to know someone in the “business” (either a model or a producer) and therefore has an “in”, or one starts his or her own production company.

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