I’m going to interrupt my story-telling order a bit to present you with my first ever video blog! This slightly tipsy, very giggly recording shows Pandora Blake, Nimue Allen and myself discussing our adventures after a day of shooting while we drink pink wine, play with stuffed animals and wear cute, cuddly pajamas. It’s all very genuine and unscripted (uh, obviously?) and slightly ridiculous. It is possibly one of the best things ever.

I enjoyed video blogging on my first attempt. It’s possible I will do it again in the future. 😀

Please let me know what you think of the video blogging and if you’d like to see more of it, or if you think I should just stick to writing.

8 Responses to Video Blogging with Pandora and Nimue!

  • Loved this! And love you! <3 You are all quite adorable! 😀 Miss you tons!!! 🙂 this is so fun and cute! <3

    Panda <3

  • video blogging seem like good idea i would enjoy watching video blogging alway wanted hear or learn more about other model to see what they like maybe have some fun spankings too in the video

  • Great video of three cute ladies all in their pajamas and glasses. 🙂

  • That’s a totally cute video, Alex! Looks like the three of you had a lot of fun. Normally I prefer mixed groups and don’t feel so comfortable among other women only. But when I watch this video, I wished I could have joined the three of you for all the fun and laughter. 🙂

    • I wish you could have been there! I also tend to prefer to be in mixed groups as I can often feel a little intimidated or left behind in a “girls only” group, but these two were so lovely, and we all got along swimmingly. Perfect, perfect mix. 😀

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