There’s something that has boggled my mind for a very long time about other spanko bottoms. Almost all of them seem to engage, at least from time to time, in a practice that I’ve long found repulsive, uncomfortable and simply far too masochistic for me.

They wear pants.

Now, when I was younger, I used to wear pants pretty often. The change had to do with an embrace of my femininity and realizing that I was just legitimately more comfortable, physically and socially, in a skirt. I still wore pants when I was doing stuff that meant that I would otherwise flash the world, but mostly, I went over to the skirts and dresses side of things and was very happy.

20 year old Alex in pants

I still wear certain kinds of pants, too: I wear sweatpants when I go running and I wear what I call “fuzzypants” (pajama bottoms) about 90 percent of the time when I’m in my apartment. These pants are pretty awesome because they are soft and lose fitting and therefore allowed me to forget all the reasons that I didn’t like pants in the first place.

When I started my job in retail, I had to wear pants to work. I dug out my only pair of jeans and kept pairing it with different shirts and sweaters to make it look like I wasn’t wearing the same thing everyday. This was alright: I didn’t really enjoy pants, but they weren’t the bane of my existence that I remembered them being.

Then came the day that I got a spanking before leaving for work. Malignus gave me a pretty hard spanking with Warren and then dropped me off pretty immediately after. This was when I rediscovered that pants really suck. You know that feeling when someone grabs your bruises? Wearing jeans, even properly fitting ones, felt like that. All day. The more I walked around, the worse it felt. It took hours before it stopped feeling awful. It made me wonder how pants-wearing spanko girls can stand it! Do you not realize that you’re making it hurt more? Do you enjoy the prolonged discomfort? Is there something strange about me that makes me find something painful that others dont?

So, ladies: do you wear pants? I sometimes feel like I’m the only modern girl who does so with such rarity. If you do, do you find pants to be less comfortable on a freshly spanked bottom than a skirt? Do you have any secret techniques for having your pants make your butt feel better? Am I just really weird to think about this so much? Tops: do you have any preference between pants and skirts on your female spankees? I always thought that Tops preferred girls to wear skirts because they are oh-so-easy to flip up when turning a girl over one’s lap spontaneously. I may just be assuming this based on what I know that those I have the most experience with prefer.

So tell me about pants, people!

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  • I like your topic πŸ™‚ I wear pants because I used to not like showing off my body at all. I struggled with weight since childhood and purposely chose clothes that I felt would “hide” my body. I hated my lower half entirely so I was too embarrassed to show my legs. Plus, for how fat I used to be even wearing a long skirt would be uncomfortable for me because my fat thighs would rub together. I work in healthcare and have to wear scrubs every day for the nature of my work. I do see some Nurses in skirt scrub bottoms, but I wouldn’t be comfortable with that because of different situations I am thrown into every single day. I love lounge/pajama pants, although I only sleep in my scene Daddy’s shirt at night, so I don’t necessarily sleep in pj’s. I am an avid work-outer so I wear the proper pants for that type of activity daily as well. I personally enjoy wearing dresses over skirts because although I have lost 51 pounds, I am still quite uncomfortable in my own skin, still. I do have one skirt I use for specific role play with my Daddy here and there to change it up once in a while. My comfort zone lies in pants and probably won’t change. When I do wear dresses or *cringe* skirts, I do feel more feminine and dare I say it?… More power to ya Alex! πŸ™‚

    Betty Crocker

    • Yay! I’m happy to see your comment, Betty πŸ˜€

      A couple of things- first of all, I did not know that skirt-scrubs existed. That’s kinda amazing to me but does not sound very practical.

      During the time when I was my heaviest and felt the most uncomfortable with my body (I still don’t feel amazing with it, but better than I once did) I tended to wear long skirts with lounge pants under them. I am pretty sure it looked incredibly dumpy, but I sort of believed that I always looked dumpy.

      I agree, though, that whatever we find the most comfortable based on our histories and bodies is probably what we should stick with πŸ˜€ And by the way, I’ve never seen your face, but I think your body looks really adorable.

  • I HATE wearing pants after a spanking. HATE. The only ones that are okay are “fuzzy pants” or yoga pants, or something soft, roomy, and breathable. Jeans are terrible for the first 24-48 hours after and should be avoided at all costs. Skirts are fantastic both during and after spankings, but I am mostly a summer-skirt kind of girl, so I’ve had to make do with pants this cold season.
    Also, skirts are definitely way sexier.

  • Until recently, I almost never wore skirts or dresses because doing so, in the ‘nilla relm, especially in a place called “work” got me unwanted attention. Every. Single. Time. In general, dresses and skirts make me feel too exposed and vulnerable to the world. Also, they are often paired with high heels, which I prefer not to wear as I find them uncomfortable and I do not relish the additional height. I’m already tall.
    This summer however, I was spending more time in NYC than usual. NYC in the summer is Gawd-awefull, and not everyone there has an effective air conditioner. So, it was either wear dresses, or wear shorts. I chose dresses because I look not-so-great in shorts. I also now own two skirts, one a red naughty school-girl number for private use or parties, and a plaid A-Line ‘nilla skirt to wear with leggings and boots. I love wearing a skirt with boots.
    And of course I LOVE the flipping up of said skirt prior to a good spanking session.
    For post spank-wear: I have loose jeans (lol, formerly tight jeans, yay dieting) that do not hug my ass in all the painful places. I also find loose slacks comfortable, as well as leggings under a skirt. Tight jeans, on the other hand, as I know from painful experience, are a bad idea. I’ve learned not to wear them when in the proximity of a spanking.

    • I remember NYC summers. Ugh, being in the subway was like being inside someone’s mouth.

      I don’t wear heels (I’m not sure if I’m even allowed to!) but I tend to wear flats or men’s dress shoes with dresses and skirts. I don’t get unwanted attention in the work place (aside from that one smack!) but I’m also not as hot as you πŸ˜›

  • Oh, and how could I forget?!?! I have special swets, my post-spanking Gap-pants!! They are baggy and oh-so-soft inside! ^_^

  • Hmmm, I’ve never really noticed that it made too much of a difference, but then again, I am one who really doesn’t like wearing skirts/dresses very often!


  • I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses. I find them uncomfortable and I don’t like how my legs look so I keep as much covered as possible most of the time. I don’t think I even currently own one now that I’m thinking about it. I live in jeans most of the time, or slacks for work. I don’t find either to be unusually uncomfortable after being spanked. But since I rarely wear a skirt or dress, I guess I can’t compare. And tops probably do like skirts because they can easily flip them up. But why make it easy for them. Make them work for it and figure out that double button and hook pant closure!

  • I remember Malignus thought I was crazy when I wore tight jeans after my first few beatings. I don’t like wearing sweats in public, and I didn’t have an arsenal of skirts or dresses. And honestly, I think it’s better with the jeans. I like to make that pain after a beating last forever, and there was even a time where I went to work after having my thighs smacked and Capsazin rubbed into the inflamed skin, and I wore my tight khakis to work right after it. It was a wonderful eight hour shift, let me tell you. I guess it depends on how you perceive that pain afterwards. I, personally, want that pain. So I aggravate it with tight pants, as much as I can. Whee!

    • There are certain ways that I like to keep the pain lingering– for example, after a spanking I prefer to sleep on my back, unless it hurts so much that sleeping that way isn’t possible, and I love the feeling of sitting on my sore bottom. The jeans, though, hurt in a different way than the way that I find comforting. I have a very hard time with pain that isn’t a spanking or the after-ache that I associate with it (see also: me freaking out and banging my head into a wall because I got hit on the thigh with a spoon while wearing capsaicin.) When I wear pants after a spanking, I feel like my butt is suffocating or something. I think part of this has to do with the fact that my butt tends to swell a bit after a harder spanking. In August, when I was getting a billion hard spankings per day I actually couldn’t get my butt into my jeans because it was so swollen.

      I do think that my experience with pants would be much different if I was told to wear them after a spanking (by one of the three people who can actually tell me what to do). Then it would have a submissive element to it, and therefore give it some kind of purpose for me. I don’t really get anything out of just making myself hurt (since I don’t actually like pain at all!) and Malignus generally encourages me towards aftercare after hard spankings (giving me ice and telling me to put on lotion, suggesting that I lie down instead of sitting, even giving me ibuprofen before bed) so it seems somewhere between pointless and disobedient to make it worse on myself.

      I hope this made sense. I do see where you could be coming from, especially since you have masochistic tendencies and derive a lot of endorphins from pain (which I don’t).

    • Hmmm, the last line of this seemed a bit presumptive this morning. What I meant by that was that you seem to have that sort of experience, based on the conversations we’ve had and what I’ve read of your posting on fet and stuff. I’m not about to tell you what your experience is, lol! πŸ˜›

  • I like wearing pants, particularly in cooler weather. In summer, I’ll wear skirts and sundresses more, because I have color on my legs. In winter, they look like paste and I’d just as soon cover them! As for the comfort issue, sweatpants, drawstring pajama pants and the like are quite comfy, even over spanked flesh. Jeans and other tight slacks, notsomuch.

    But at a spanking party? Skirts and dresses, for sure. I find the whole wrestling-down-of-pants thing to be incredibly awkward.

    • I find it awkward, too. I also find there to be something kind of embarrassing about being told to pull my pants down. I feel like flipping up a skirt is somehow more dignified. But I’m probably just weird. πŸ˜€

  • I usually wear pants; skirts maybe once a week, and I don’t own a dress at present. After a spanking I’ll usually put on something stretchy and comfortable, but I like the feeling of tight cloth squeezing a freshly-spanked bottom.


  • Hmmm. Interesting question. I have been a pants lover since I could walk. As soon as I got home from school I would change into pants. I went through a stage where I wore skirts and when I moved to where I live now, I found they were not the best thing to wear so I went back to pants. After all, wielding a chain saw in a skirt can be very dangerous. LOL

    I guess I am just much more comfortable in pants. I can sit like that tom-boy I am. πŸ™‚

  • I totally get you on this one. I love dresses and skirts and wear them as much as I can. I mean, for one, you’re right, they give way easier access to Daddy, and it really is such a thrill to have your skirt flipped up prior to being paddled. (At which point, I’m not so thrilled anymore, lol.) But more than that, I guess I’m just more of a girly-girl. Dresses make me feel more feminine and pretty and, I don’t know, even more submissive I guess. I do have my favorite pair of jeans, of course. They aren’t my favorite after a spanking, though! Oh yeah, and I have the fuzzy-pants too. πŸ™‚ But as far as loving dresses, yeah, I’ve always felt pretty alone in that. It’s nice to hear someone else say it!

  • Another anti-pants girl here. My tendency towards skirts come from Master’s insistence that as little as possible impede His access to my sex, my distaste for jean material (it bunches up behind the knee and makes moving uncomfortable), and a personal preference for the aesthetic of skirts πŸ™‚

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