This is just to say that I’m still around. Things have been ultra-busy recently.

I flew from Los Angeles to Dallas and had a blast at TASSP.

From there, I flew to England, where I got to spend time with Paul, visit with friends and meet some great people. Plus, lots of adventures were had.

From there, we drove to Scotland, where I had many unforgettable adventures, and made some of my new favorite memories!

From there, we drove back down to England, where I spent a couple of days getting myself together before…

I flew back to the US, directly to Chicago, for the Chicago Crimson Moon Party!

Then, a few days ago, I flew back to Los Angeles. I arrived and promptly became super duper sick with a terrible summer cold. I haven’t been getting much done because I have almost no energy. I haven’t even unpacked yet. Mostly, I’ve been camped out in bed, from where I’m writing this mini-post.

In not very long at all, it’s back to the airport, too. I’m heading to Dallas again, for the Stormy Night Publications Author’s Conference.

Yesterday, despite being sick, I went to lunch with one of my very best friends, Erica Scott. She didn’t mind the fact that I was constantly sneezing in between bits of my stories. That’s a true friend.

Hopefully, soon I’ll start getting these stories up for you. Thanks for being patient with me.

*cough cough*


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